Two BIG BENEFITS of Having Private Lenders

I started investing in Real Estate by using bank loans, savings, credit cards, Business Lines of Credit, Home Equity Lines of Credit, my self-directed IRA, creative techniques with sellers (like owner financing and subject to), and equity partners. Once I got laid off, it was harder to get bank loans but that was back in[…]

Why you need to use Private Lenders

When I started in Real Estate, I only knew about getting loans from banks. That is because I was doing it part time and buying places like the ones I lived in. I was not fixing too much, just finding good deals. During those years, I was a part time investor while I pursued my career.[…]

First of the 4 F’s in Real Estate: FIND the Deals

Hi everyone and welcome to the call. I’m going to be starting over because my microphone wasn’t on at the beginning. So welcome to the call. Thank you for coming tonight. I’m going to be doing this every Thursday night at six o’clock and our topic last week was our Real Estate Investor Matrix. In[…]