Resources I use in my Business and Recommend to you.  Some of the links below may be affiliate links for which I will be compensated, but the opinions are my own.  The cost to you is the same whether you use my link or not.  The small  compensation for the links are used to maintain this website and free training provided.  My thanks to you!

1.   Phone system for Entrepreneurs

Rings to your cell phone and sends you an email or txt message

You can pre-load scripts to pre-screen your prospects

Includes a company directory like big companies use

Grasshopper virtual phone system

2.  Property Radar

Find and Sort properties in CA, OR, WA, NV and AZ.  Store info

on those properties too.  Monthly $39 or $59


3.  List Source

Find and Sort properties nationwide.  Buy the lead per record

or as a service for large volume users.


4. Order Postcards, Yellow letters and Zip letters right here.

Your cost per piece is only slightly higher than the cost of postage if you did all the work yourself.

YellowLetters Affiliate Page

5. Analyzing Properties

Free Software (lite version) works in excel to analyze properties.

For Rentals

For Flips


6. Buildium for online property management.

Screen Tenants With Credit & Background Checks through!


7.  My Property Purchase System CHECKLIST

Property Purchase System CHECKLIST


8. WRIKE All-in-One Project Management and Collaboration Software for your business.

FREE for 5 users.  Upgrade when you need to.

Work smarter and get it all done faster with WRIKE


9. Rental FORMS, LEASES and Tenant Credit and Background Checks


Smart Screen Provides Tenant Credit and Background Checks INSTANT ACCESS with no inspection of your office

and online security for your tenant’s personal info.


10. Rental Deposit Binder

Form to collect a Deposit BEFORE giving a lease.  Insures both parties of the agreement to rent.

Especially useful in out-of-state rentals


11.  Rental application

Info you must collect to protect yourself in screening the tenant.


12. Sacramento Appraisal Blog

Great info on determining value of your properties.


13. Private Lending spreadsheet For Comparing Returns from Stock Market, CD’s Flips and Rental


14. Example Deals showing Profits and Returns for Private Lenders


15. NameCheap to get domain names. Better than GoDaddy. You own the domain.

Register Your Domains Hassle-Free with Namecheap


16. Online leads for sellers and buyers with your own lead capture website.


17. Costs to Remodel (Caution: these are retail prices a homeowner pays.)  You should be paying less either with repeat business on multiple houses or because you hire your own subs and not a General Contractor.



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