Employees: Are you worn out from LONG hours for too SMALL a paycheck?

Do you wish you could quit your JOB?

Do you have enough $$ to RETIRE securely?

Income from Real Estate could REPLACE your monthly salary, but

HOW do you get started without making COSTLY MISTAKES?

Have you wondered what life would be like if you had a little more TIME, a little more MONEY to truly enjoy the people and activities you care about?

Do you wonder how you are going to AFFORD to retire in comfort?

Do you worry if you can AFFORD to pay for unexpected health care costs?

About 77 percent of all millionaires own Real Estate.  Those same millionaires chose Real Estate as their No. 1 investment opportunity for 2014 according to Morgan Stanley.

What if you were one of them?

If you believe Real Estate investments are the way to financial freedom, then you have landed on the right page.

I’m Janice Bell and I started out just like you.  I read all the books, took all the courses, training, seminars, coaching , and made all the mistakes it takes to be successful at the real estate game.  Now I coach other students, like yourself, how to short cut all the seminars, speakers and mistakes AND skip right to cash-flow investments.

IF you have questions about

  • Markets

    Which market should I invest in?

    In-state or out-of-state?

    Which neighborhoods in that market?

    Which size house should I target?

  • Finances

    Should I incorporate?

    Should I get a loan or use my IRA money?

    Where do I find more money to buy property?

  • Rentals

    How do I find a good property manager?

    How do I screen for good tenants?

    Where do I find a good contractor or handyman?

THEN you will get all your questions answered in the Wise Wealth University Coaching Program.

Don’t waste time and money on endless courses and speakers that leave you more confused because they are pushing their one method to invest.  With personal coaching at Wise Wealth University, you get a program tailored specifically for your circumstances, talents and desires.

What You Get

  • Personal Coaching

    2 personal calls a month for 6 months to guide you to your goals

    Unlimited email access to your coach for 6 months

  • Group Coaching

    Monthly Group Training and Q & A calls for 1 year

    A moderated Student Forum to learn from your peers for 1 year

  • Documents and Emergency Deal Calls

    A back office full of the documents you need for 1 year

    2 emergency Deal Calls for 1 year

What do other students say about the courses, training and coaching they have received from Janice and her company?

Steve and Kim Sase make money on their first Fix and Flip Deal

Philip and Michele Lang learn how to budget a rehab project at the Scope of Work Class

Dan Sojka makes money on his first Wholesale Deal

Fill out Your Coaching Assessment Form and Receive a Free 30 Minute Strategy Session.

When you complete our Coaching Program at Wise Wealth University you will be able to…

  • Wholesale properties for quick cash
  • Buy your first cash flow rental property
  • Fill it with a well-qualified tenant
  • Start collecting monthly checks
With personal coaching, you can pass GO and collect your $$$ faster, easier and with less risk.